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OMG!! Epic GaoGaiGar cosplay by UbersGunpla

Photo by sushistarbomb

"This took about 9 months to complete. Its made from EVA foam, Sintra and Foamcore board. It has dual speakers in the chest that I can control to play various sound clips and effect from the show as well as lighting in the lions eyes, the crest in the head and the G-Stone on the forehead. The Goldion Hammer is made from foamboard and 1mm cardboard”.


Ewan ko ba bat may mga taong mahilig mang iwan sa sa ere. Mahirap ba yung magsabi ka nalang kung bakit. Mahirap ba yung magsalita sa harap ko.

Ok lang sana kung nafriendzoned lang ako eh. Pero iba kasi to. Di pa uso yung flash mob nun pero nagawa niya. May pablindfold at roses pa. Ano yun? Friends lang?

Sasapakin talaga kita pag nasalubong kita.

You always find a way to my mind. Tse.


Transformers - Optimus Prime Cosplay by Pablo Bairan

Photography by Tanya Bairan


House Komazawa Park, Tokyo, Japan, by miCo


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